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Bradford Butler’s paintings exist in the ambiguity of representational and abstract images. In a world that is flooded with over produced advertisements, commercials, and consumerism, paintings require the patient arrest of our attention. The artworks are an opportunity to slowly investigate an origin. Floral and human forms merge together and become unclear of its derivative. Bradford’s paintings and mixed media drawings juxtapose the seductiveness of nature and the unpredictability of process. These artworks are about the human experience. They are about the dialectic in every moment, the perversity in what is beautiful, and the sedation amongst the chaos.

Bradford's sculpture is an investigation into process and material. The forms are perforated and bloated. Torn and shredded. Vacant, hallow, and pillowing. They are twisted and mangled. They ooze and pop. Bleached. Washed. Stained. They are suggestions of the human experience. Often coated in heavy glaze, plaster, tar, and paint, the forms explore figurative and conceptual forms of the vessel. An explosion or fusion of material projects the ideas of nature, the body, organs, the vessel and the beauty within regurgitation. 

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